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Influent Pump Station Project


The Sewerage Commission - Oroville Region (SC-OR) worked with Jacobs Engineering (formerly CH2M Hill) to design a new influent pump station for the wastewater treatment plant in Oroville.  The new pump station has a designed 15 million gallons-per-day (MGD) pumping capacity, and will include new valves, diversion boxes, flow meter, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control center. 

SC-OR received partial funding from the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 for the construction of this project in the amount of $3,776,154.00. Funding was made possible through an agreement with The California State Department of Water Resources and Butte County Department of Water and Resource Conservation. 

On June 15, 2021, SC-OR, along with Jacobs Engineering, held a public bid opening for the influent pump station project.  SC-OR received three bids, and ultimately Gateway Pacific Contractors, Inc. was awarded the project with the low bid of $7,171,451..00.

Project Design Engineer: Jacobs Engineering

Construction Engineers: Coleman Engineering

General Contractor: Gateway Pacific Contractors, Inc.


Project Status:

Construction officially began on August 23, 2021.  The PowerPoint slide show displays the project site before construction of the first and second phases of the excavation and shoring. This file is 23 MB.

Construction Progress Sept 2021.pptx


November Construction Update: Continuing excavation, building forms for foundations of valve boxes,  bar screen, and metering vault.  . This file is 30 MB.

PIPS Construction November.pptx


 December Construction Update: Construction progress was slowed as we received approximately 7 inches of Rain during the month of December.  Work shifting to controlling an pumping ground water.  This file is 14 MB.

December 2021 IPS.pptx


January Construction Update: Good weather allowed us to continue construction.  We made significant progress in constructing the foundations of the new wet well the two valve boxes and the bar screen box foundations. This file is 53 MB

January 2022 IPS.pptx


 February Construction Update:  Construction of the influent pump station wet well. This file is 20 MB.

February Construction Progress.pptx


 March Construction Update: Construction of the the two valve vaults and the flow meter vault. This file is 37 MB.

March Update.pptx


April Construction Update:  Lots of Pipe work.  Sealing of all of the vault joints.  Construction of the internal wall of the main wet well.  31 MB

April Update.pptx


May Construction Update: Water tightness test on all the vaults.  Treating leaking joints with epoxy sealant.  Start of excavation for the pond flow meter vault. 26 MB

May Update.pptx


June Construction Update: Excavation and installation of the pond flow meter vault.  Painting exterior of the vaults and the first phase of backfilling the pit with sand slurry concrete.  Installation of new auxilary Pump.  52 MB

June Construction Update.pptx


July Construction Update: Finished backfilling the pit.  Removal of the Shoring.  Pouring the concrete lid on the influent pump station vault. Excavation of the new pump station pipe work to tie in to existing pipework. Trenching for electrical conduits. 72 MB

July Construction Update.pptx


August Construction Update:  Trenching for Electrical Conduits, Rerouting for Clarifier Drains, and instaling valves for the raw sewage tie ins.  68 MB

August Construction Update.pptx


September Construction Update: More trenching for electrical conduits.  Major pipe work ties in's for pumpstation effluent pipe and the plant drain tie in. New PG&E power pole.  50 MB

September 2022.pptx


October Construction Update: Construction of Electrical Building, New Electrial Bus Duct, Recieved New Plant Generator. 51 MB

October Construction Update 2022.pptx


November Construction Update: Motor Contol Pads inside the Electrial Building, Eletrical Building Entryways, Construction of Flowmeter and Actuating valve vaults and pipework. 27 MB

November Construction Update 2022.pptx