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Sewerage Commission - Oroville Region Reimbursement Policy

To explain District policy on travel expenditures

This Policy applies to all personnel and any person being sponsored by the Commission.

Policy: SC-OR policy #5200

1. The purpose of this policy is to prescribe the manner in which Sewerage Commission - Oroville Region (SC-OR) employees and commissioners may be reimbursed for expenditures related to SC-OR business, and how commissioners may be compensated for their service. SC-OR shall adhere to Government Code Sections 53232 through 52323.4 when delaing with issues of director remuneration and reimbursement.

2.  Members of the Board of Commissioners shall receive a monthly "Commissioner's Fee", the amount of which shall be established by the Board in its annual budget.

3.  Members of the Board of Commissioners shall be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses incurred in attending any meetings or in making any trips on official business of the Board when so authorized. This does not include any regular or special meetings of the Board. Reimbursement for the cost of the use of a Commissioner's vehicle shall be on the basis of the total miles dirven, and at the rate specified in the Internal Revenue Service Guiledines at the time of the vehicle use.

4.  This policy applies to all employees and members of the Board of Directors, and its provisions regarding expense reimbursement are intended to result in no personal gain or loss to an employee or commissioner.

5.  Whenever SC-OR employees or commissioners desire to be reimbursed for out-of-pociket expenses for item(s) or service(s) appropriately relating to SC-OR business, they shall submit their requests on a reimbursement form to the Manager for approval. Included on the reimbursement form will be an explanation of the SC-OR related purpose for the expenditure(s), and receipts evidencing each expense shall be attached. 

6.  Members of the Board of Commissions shall receive a monthly "Commissioner Fee," the amount of which shall be established annually by the Board in its annual budget.

         A.  A commissioner may be compensated for attending the following:

               1)  A meeing of the legislative committee;

               2)  A meeting of an advisory committee; or

               3)  A meeting of a standing committee; or

               4)  A conference or organized educational activity conducted in compliance with Government Code Section 52942.2c, including but not limited to ethics training required by Government Code Section 53234.

               5)  SC-OR may include other types of occasions deemed appropriate by the Board of Commissioners. Other types of occasions must be specified by reimbusement eligibility.

7.  SC-OR employees and commissioners are eligible to recieve reimbursments for travel, meals, lodging, and other reasonable and necessary expenses for attending the above occurrences on behalf of SC-OR. Reimbursement rates shall coincide with rates set by IRS Publication 463 or its successor publication(s).

          A.  Any and all expenses that do not fall within the adopted reimbursement policy or the IRS reimbursable rates are required to be approved by the Board of Commissions of SC-OR in a public meeting prior to the expense(s) being incurred.

                 1)  Expenses that do not adhere to the adopted reimbursement policy or the IRS reimbursable rates, and that do not receive prior approval from the Board of Directors in a public meeting prior to the expense being incurred, shall not be eligible for reimbusement. 

           B.  If lodging is in connection with #4 above, or other prior approved event, such lodging costs shall not exceed the maximum group rate published by the conference or activity sponsor. If the published group rate is unavailable, commissioners shall be reimbursed for comparable lodging at government or IRS rates.

           C.  SC-OR shall provide expense reimbursement report forms to employees and commissioners who incur reimbursable expenses on behalf of SC-OR to document that their expenses adhere to this policy.

                 1)  Receipts are required to be submitted in conjunction with all items listed on the expense report form. Expenses without receipts will not be reimbursed.

                  2)  Expense reports shall be submitted within a reasonable time, but not more than 30 days, after incurring the expense.

            D.  Commissioners attending functions consistent with #4 above, or other prior approved event, shall submit written or oral reports to SC-OR at the regularly scheduled meeting(s).

             E.  It is against the law to falsify expense reports. Penalties for misuse of public resources or violating this policy may include, but are not limited to, the following:

                   1)  The loss of reimbursement privileges;

                   2)  Restitution to the local agency;

                   3)  Civil penalties for misuse of public resources pursuant to Government Code Section 8314; and

                    4)  Prosecution for misuse of public resources, pursuant to Section 424 of the penal code, penalties for which include 2, 3, or 4 years in prison.